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  • Raza Tabar

    Raza's father, Zurasan, was a renowned and respected Red Wizard in Thay, he was a powerful necromancer. He was also known for hi lecherous nature, often taking advantage of his female slaves, sometimes producing more slaves in the act. Around 50 years …

  • Sticks

    Sticks is a henchman/enforcer/gatherer of information for the visionaries. When he's not on task, he's usually hanging around the headquarters, making sure nothing falls apart. He is unofficially in charge when the Visionaries are gone.

  • Ramshan Doon

    A cleric of Kossuth accompanying [[:raza-tabar | Raza Tabar]]'s group. In an engagement with the Visionaries, he was viciously mashed into a pulp by black tentacles.

  • Metoth Melane

    [[:murith-melane | Murith Melane]]'s twin brother. He was killed by the visionaries shortly after the Thayans took Pix, when he and his sister ambushed the Visionaries, to--for them--disastrous results.

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