Raza Tabar

The leader of the Thayans currently in the Silver Marches


Raza’s father, Zurasan, was a renowned and respected Red Wizard in Thay, he was a powerful necromancer. He was also known for hi lecherous nature, often taking advantage of his female slaves, sometimes producing more slaves in the act.

Around 50 years ago, when Raza was very young, the Tabar name lost a lot of respect after a railed experiment by Zurasan, involving something called the soulforged.

Raza grew up tormented by his peers, the son fo a failed wizard.. When his father died, and Raza was bequeathed his father’s research, the idea of the soulforged, and he took of the mantle of their development.

Just a year ago, Raza was exiled, supposedly he was using resources which were off limits to him.

The reason why he is working in the Silver Marches is unknown. A theory is that this was the origin of Bauk Magrin , the original designer of the mechanical bodies for the soulforged. But there is surely a better reason…

Raza Tabar

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