Jarvi Magrin-Omek

A merchant in Everlund, operating as a fence fro the Thayans


Jarvi was once a general goods merchant in Silverymoon. Some years ago, when he married his wife, Maria Magrin, he thought he’d take her last name, as he felt Magrin was a more respectable dwarven name, and would help his business. His wife is Bauk Magrin’s niece, and lives with Jarvi’s three daughters in Yartar.

At some point Jarvi was approached by, and started working for the Thayans, selling magic items (which he knew next to nothing about) for bottom of the barrel prices. When The False Visionaries tracked t5he mounting disappearances to the magic items Jarvi was shilling, they learned that not only had he disappeared, but his shop was cleaned out, along with his temporary residence in Everlund.


Jarvi Magrin-Omek

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