Bauk Magrin

A dwarf engineer, responsible for designing the constructs that became the soulforged


Shield Dwarf Engineer from the Spine of The World
Born in 1172DR (Would be 208)

140 years ago Bauk Magrin, then 67 years old, lived in the spine of the world. He was widely known for his incredible engineering talent. Barely mature, he already surpassed many well established dwarven engineers.

He took a wife and tried to start a family, only to find that he was unable. He nad his wife tried everything, they sought the advice of clerics, and prayed to the gods for children, but eventually found that Bauk was infertile. He would never father a child. At 77, Bauk’s wife died (cause unknown), and Bauk, rather than seeking a new mate, devoted his life to his work. Perhaps related to his inability to bear life through his body, he sought to do so through his skill.
As the years progressed, so did Bauk, and he started to divert from the standard dwarven engineering creed, and began to to talk of the possibility of artificial intelligence, machines and constructs that were fully sentient, independent of their creators. Receiving consternation from the dwarves in the Spine, he emigrated to Sundabar, to pursue his ideas.

When he was 89, he created Mauk, a construct who he thought would surely be what he had envisioned, the first of a new race of living constructs, thinking, feeling, growing, recreating. The experiment went wrong. Mauk proved perhaps to feel too much, and went berserk. He destroyed several buildings in the dwarven quarter of Sundabar, killing around 15 people (dwarves and others), and injuring quite a few more. Mauk was put down by the guards, and destroyed. Bauk fell into a terrible depression, and shut himself in his workshop. No one heard from Bauk for months, until eventually one of his cousins forced their way into his house, only to find it ransacked, with no sign of Bauk anywhere.
No one ever heard from him again.


Bauk Magrin

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