Blood Brothers

Following Trails

Malkor was eerily silent after being resurrected. He also couldn’t remember why he wanted to go to Silverymoon, and neither could anyone else, so they didn’t. With Malkor almost back to full health, the group decided on a more mundane method of travel for this journey.
They walked to the temple with no surprises. Unfortunately, as they were now two days late, the Orcs had come and went. There were no signs of a battle, but definite signs that a dozen or so Orcs had camped, and then left the way they had come—north. The group tracked them out of the Evermoors, where the tracks met the road and split. Five pair going northwest up the road, toward the border of the kingdom of many-arrows, and seven going southeast, most likely back to the headquarters. The visionaries decided to track the five headed northwest, and so they did. When the road passed the tip of the Moonwood, the tracks split again. Three sets up to the Moonwood, and two off the road and north, into the Kingdom of many-arrows. The visionaries followed into the Moonwood, and marched until Diir caught the faint aroma of roasting boar, tinged with the smell of Orcs. He stopped the group and moved stealthily ahead.

Diir, accompanied by his faithful wolf Megareg, came to the edge of a clearing, and peered in at the trio of Orcs. One stood and went to the opposite edge of the clearing and relieved himself. The other two sat in silence, occasionally prodding the roasting boar. Diir speaking Orcish, attempted to fool the Orcs into thinking that he was another orc, who happened to be defecating in the vicinity and wanted to know their patrol route. They invited him to share in their boar, but upon finding an Elf, and not believing that Obould would hire a mercenary elf to investigate them (Did they have any idea who they were? He did not.) The trio drew their greataxes, and Diir unleashed hell with a cry of “ARROOOOOOWS!” alerting the rest of the visionaries to the commencement of a fight (Mondo probably rolled his eyes)

Diir sent Megareg around to the opposite side of the clearing to take care of the lone Orc, while he quickly dispatched one with a flurry of arrows to the throat. Megareg attacked and tripped the lone Orc, who stood up, and with a mighty (read: lucky) swing of his greataxe, cleaved the poor wolf in twain.
The rest of the visionaries made it to the clearing, and Ivan and Gravel made quick work of the remaining two Orcs. While they had no patrol maps, they did find the Orcs rather well equipped.

Malkor popped a convenient extra dimensional space, and the visionaries rested and Diir mourned the loss of his friend. In the morning, the group teleported home, to re-analyze their plan.

Mondo and Sammy went to talk to Murith, but before they could speak, she announced that she had come to some conclusions. She felt remorseful for what she had done to the innocent civilians they had taken, and for turning them into soulforged in a very cruel fashion. Their lives weighed heavy on her heart, and though she still felt a twisted loyalty, she wanted to do everything she could to assist in the rescue of the civilians. Mondo offered that their cleric could perform a ritual, if she was willing, that would not only lift the burden of her misdeeds, but would give her an entirely new outlook on life. She agreed on the one condition that they not ask her to directly harm Raza, as she did not know if she could. Mondo assured that they would not ask this of her, and she proceeded with him to Charmelo.

Charmelo and Murith sat at a table, across from each other. The pair discussed what was to happen, and the burden that Murith needed lifted from her. Charmelo took her hands in his, and began muttering in prayer to Lathander. Moments later, Murith’s face lightened, and Charmelo released her hands, saying only “It is done.”

While this was happening, the visionaries were deciding that the time for subtlety had passed. They needed to go in and get those people out. Mondo ran some quick calculations and figured they would only need 300 or so trips. Hmm. Well, they could just go and kill the Thayans, then. The group seemed to like this plan, and Mondo executed a teleport directly into the centre of the Thayan base! Only, they didn’t go anywhere. Mondo was flummoxed, and could not determine why exactly the teleport had failed.

They tried again, this time targeting the refuse room. It worked. They used the same methods as before to climb out of the rotten mess and up into the toilet room above. They made it down the hallway at first, and turned down the passageway which led to the crypts. They found that the bodies—statues—were gone. The markings on the ground showed the bodies being dragged out of their resting spots, dragged a short way, then no more tracks.

They headed back to the hall leading into the central chamber, triggering a trapped rune not far from the door. Fortunately the rune only affected people who didn’t need to make attacks anyways. Hmm. Gravel swung open the door and was faced by soulforged! A heavily accented voice (not Raza’s) announced that they had been expecting them, and ordered the attack.

A spell was cast, causing Gravel to become confused and begin babbling. Ivan rushed past into the fight, and as soon as he crossed the threshold he was wracked with pain, and quickly surrounded by soulforged. Diir made an impossible shot, firing over and through six of his comrades, and manage to hit the arm of the nearest soulforged (the only thing he could see) The whole thing got messy, with spells flying every which way and swords falling all over Ivan. Mondo and Sammy quickly discerned that there was an invisible divine caster running around, in addition to the quartet of soulforged and the visible wizard. Mondo flew out over the soulforged, crossing the threshold and feeling the pain Ivan suffered moments before, but in the process managing to reduce the enemy wizard to a blithering idiot. Kevhorn, needing to get out of the hallway, quickly took the shape of an eagle and soared into the main chamber, away from the main fracas. Ivan fell in the heat of battle, to the sword of bewildered Gravel. Mondo followed shortly after, hit by something the cleric cast. Kevhorn summoned a fierce storm of lighting, and begin picking off the enemy combatants. Sammy cast see invisibility, and began narrating the actions of the cleric to the group, so they could hit her. The battle raged on for hours seconds, with the visionaries ultimately coming out of it victorious, but with heavy casualties. Diir set about healing the group, managing to bring Mondo back to consciousness, but Ivan was too far gone. Diir and Sammy searched the temple complex for any survivors.

All the rooms were empty save for the throne room, or what Raza had made into a throne room. In this chamber they found a pile of bodies. Some flesh and dripping blood from slashes and open wounds, others stone but smashed into nearly unrecognizable shapes. They carefully sifted through to try and find survivors, finding only one statue that was mostly intact, missing three fingers of the right hand and the left arm. Gathering their own casualties and the mostly intact statue, they teleported home.



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